The Svinesund Connection

The Svinesund Connection project runs from Nordby in Sweden to Svingenskogen in Norway , and includes two kilometres of motorway in Sweden , 4.3 kilometres of motorway in Norway and a 700-metre long bridge between the two countries. The Norwegian-Swedish border is also an EU border, and customs stations have been built on either side of the bridge. In addition, there are toll stations situated at both the old and the new bridge. The entire project is funded by toll fees.

Historical spadeful

In August 2002, Torild Skogsholm, Norway's minister of transport and communications, and Björn Rosengren, then Sweden's minister of trade and industry, turned the first ceremonial spadeful of earth, marking the international agreement between Norway and Sweden, and thereby triggering the construction process.

Growing traffic

People in this region have always crossed the Norwegian-Swedish border - both North and South, governed by trade and the prospects of work. There has never been as much traffic as there is now. Most of the traffic is regional. Many people travel to shopping centres jut south of the border, but an increasing number of people commute to work. Long-haul transport in passenger cars and heavy goods vehicles is also increasing. The E6 road is Norway 's most important road to Europe , and traffic between the port of Gothenburg and western Sweden and Norway is extensive. The old road had more than its fair share of accidents, which has influenced the decision to speed up the building of a four-lane motorway on the E6 road in Bohuslän in Sweden and Østfold in Norway .

Providing relief for the old Svinesund Bridge

The Svinesund Bridge is 60 years old. It was not built for today's extensive heavy goods traffic, and it has therefore been replaced - or more correctly, supplemented - with a new bridge. When the old bridge was opened in 1946, a total of 6 300 vehicles crossed it in the first year. Now an average of 15 000 vehicles cross it - every day!


Nordby - Norwegian-Swedish border 2 km
Junction Nordbymotet
Constructor Vägverket Produktion
New Svinesund Bridge 704 m
Constructor Bilfinger Berger AS
Swedish-Norwegian border - Svingenskogen 4 km
Junction Langkas, Svingenskogen
Constructors Mesta AS, Veidekke ASA
Cost around NOK 1.3 billion (excl. toll stations)
The entire project is funded by toll fees

2 km
Vägverket Produktion
704 m
Bilfinger Berger AS
4 km
Langkas, Svingenskogen
Mesta AS, Veidekke ASA