Payment methods

You can no longer stop and pay manually at our toll stations. All vehicles must drive straight through.

A bill is automatically issued retrospectively, unless you have chosen a different payment method.

The following payment options are available, depending on whether or not you have an account:

Non-account holders - Foreign vehicles

If you are driving a foreign vehicle, the bill will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. This is done via an international company - EPC (Euro Parking Collection).
The car owner's address is obtained automatically from the vehicle register in the relevant country.

To avoid this, we advise foreign vehicle owners to do the following:

Non-account holders - Norwegian vehicles

If you cross without having an account, we will automatically issue a bill to the owner of the vehicle.
In this case we will use the information held in the Central Register of Motor Vehicles.

A bill will be issued retrospectively.

Account holders

If you have an active account registered to the vehicle that you cross with, you will automatically receive a bill (with an account discount) for your toll crossings at the address registered on your account.

It is no longer possible to pay in advance.