You can easily set up AvtaleGiro if you have an AutoPASS account with us. Note that this only applies to norwegian bank accounts.

You can only pay by AvtaleGiro if you have an AutoPASS-agreement with us.
With AutoGiro your bill is paid from your account on the due date. Avoid payment reminders and overdue charges.
You get a complete overview of paid bills in your online bank account and on your account statement.

How to set up AvtalGiro using online banking:

Alternate 1.

Next time you pay a bill from Svinesundsforbindelsen you will be asked whether you want to set up Avtalegiro with us. Give your consent, and you now have AvtaleGiro and your next payment will be paid on the due date.

Alternate 2.

It is also possible to set up AvtaleGiro right now. When logged into your online bank you can set up AvtaleGiro under "Payments" and "Payments agreements". To registert you need our account number XXXX XX XXXXX and your KID number from an unpaid bill.