Up to 3500 kg

Above 3500 kg

 0% (without OBU) 20,00 kr 100,00 kr
13% (med brikke)* 17,40 kr 87,00 kr

Rate group 1 (up to 3500 kg)

Vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of up to and including 3,500 kilograms, as well as all vehicles regardless of weight in vehicle group M1.
Heavy private cars: For vehicles with a weight exceeding 3,501 kg in vehicle group M1 to be included in fee group 1, requirements apply concerning electronic tags and valid contracts.

Rate group 2 (above 3500 kg)

Vehicles with a maximum permitted weight from and including 3,501 kilograms, with the exception of vehicles registered in vehicle group M1 in Autosys.

Heavy commercial vehicles: It is mandatory for all vehicles with a total permitted weight exceeding 3,501 kg used for commercial purposes in Norway to be fitted with an electronic tag and to have

Special terms

Motor cycles and mopeds are exempt from charges and DO NOT need a tag.
An environmentally friendly vehicle (electric or hydrogen vehicle) are NOT exempt from charges
Mobility-impaired drivers are NOT exempt from charges.

Favourable discount

All vehicles carrying an AutoPASS On-Board Unit (OBU) will automatically be granted a discount when they pass a toll station at Svinesund, regardless of which toll collection company they have signed an agreement with. A general discount of 13 per cent is granted for all vehicles carrying a valid AutoPASS OBU. This applies both to vehicles weighing 3.5 tonnes or less and to those weighing more than 3.5 tonnes.

Frequent user discount

Light vehicles with a maximum total weight of 3.5 tonnes or less that carry a valid AutoPASS OBU will only be charged for the first 16 crossings in any calendar month.
The frequent user discount for light vehicles means that the maximum amount charged per calendar month is NOK 278,40.

Coordinated payment

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has been charged with responsibility for introducing a coordinated payment system for roads and ferries in Norway before the end of 2005. One simple agreement allows motorists to pay with AutoPASS at a number of ferry connections and toll stations. The aim is to achieve more efficient collection of ferry charges and toll fees.

When will payment be charged?

With an AutoPASS Contract from Svinesundsforbindelsen AS, you will be charged in arrears, once a month. Other toll collection facilities have other arrangements.
Other toll collection facilities may have different arrangements for when crossings over Svinesund are charged. Check with the company that issued you your AutoPASS OBU.


A deposit of NOK 200 is payable for the AutoPASS OBU.


In order to pay your AutoPASS invoice outside of Norway, you will need the following information:
Kontonummer 70500631382 (make sure this account number is the same as on your invoice!)
IBAN: NO4170500631382