The portal between Norway and Sweden

The Svinesund Connection was completed in 2005 and is the busiest border crossing between Norway and Sweden. The section is part of European route E6 and is 6.7 kilometres long, including the Svinesund Bridge with a span of more than 700 metres.


Toll collection at the Svinesund Connection is discontinued from 15. March 2021

AutoPASS agreements entered with the toll road company Svinesundsforbindelsen AS will, as of 15. April 2021, be transferred to the tag issuer SkyttelPASS.

Please contact SkyttelPASS for information about the transfer and login details for your new customer page, Min Side.

If you would like to make changes to your personal or vehicle data, please contact SkyttelPASS.  

NB: You will no longer be able to make changes to your previous agreement with Svinesundsforbindelsen AS.

If you would like to create an agreement with a different tag issuer than SkyttelPASS, you can cancel your agreement with SkyttelPASS and choose another tag issuer here.


You can still view toll charges and outstanding invoices on your former agreement with Svinesundsforbindelsen AS. Note that this applies to activity before 15. April 2021, as all activity after 15. April is now only available on My Page at SkyttelPASS.


If you need to make changes to the agreement that has been transferred to SkyttelPASS, such as licence plate number, address etc., please log in to SkyttelPASS My Page or contact SkyttelPASS customer support.


Log in to Svinesundsforbindelsen Log in to SkyttelPASS


If you have an AutoPASS agreement, and you want to pay your Norwegian invoice outside of Norway, you you will need the following information:

Kontonummer 70500631382 (make sure this account number is the same as on your invoice!)

IBAN: NO4170500631382